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2715 Rochester Ave. Kansas City, MO 64120
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Saliva, Drowning Pool, Above Snakes and Thrower

Saliva, Drowning Pool, Above Snakes and Thrower

Under 21 with Guardian

After acquiring front man Bobby Amaru in 2011, Saliva became infused with new blood, energy, and spirit. The same energy launched Saliva’s career in 2001 with the release, _Every Six Seconds – a certified Double Platinum-selling album, containing the hits, “Click Click Boom” and 2002 Grammy nominated, “Your Disease.” Saliva’s in-your-face, anthemic writing style continued with a certified Gold-selling album *Back in to Your System_ with hits: “Always,” “Raise Up,” and the Nikki Sixx co-written, “Rest In Pieces.”*

Saliva will continue to release tracks and ultimately a full album in Spring of 2023. The new music has a contemporary feel but sticks to the blue collar roots that their fans love.

Saliva is Brad Stewart (bass), Wayne Swinny (guitar), Sammi Jo Bishop (drums) and Bobby Amaru (vocals).

Drowning Pool
Drowning Pool, a name etched in the annals of modern rock history, roars back into the spotlight with thunderous energy and uncompromising power. The band’s unmistakable sound, synonymous with raw energy and unapologetic attitude, returns to captivate audiences once again.

Known for their iconic anthem “Bodies,” Drowning Pool needs no introduction. This breakout single propelled them to international recognition, leaving an indelible mark on the nu metal landscape. The song’s relentless energy and defiant spirit resonated with a generation, becoming an anthem for moshers, metalheads, and fans of electrifying live performances.

Ryan McCombs played a pivotal role in the band’s evolution, joining their ranks in the aftermath of the tragic loss of beloved frontman Dave Williams. His powerful vocals and charismatic stage presence breathed new life into Drowning Pool, solidifying their status as metal titans. Songs like “37 Stitches,” “Feel Like I Do,” and “Turn So Cold” catapulted them to new heights, earning them a place among the genre’s heavyweights.

Yet, Drowning Pool’s story is not just about music; it’s a testament to enduring friendships and a shared passion for their craft. Ryan’s return to the band in 2023 marks a reunion of kindred spirits, a return to the roots of their musical journey. As he succinctly puts it, “Just being back in the same room together after so many years… was a quick reminder as to why I considered them to be my best friends in the business back in the day.”

Their path has not been without its challenges. “Bodies” faced misinterpretations and controversy, with its lyrics taken out of context. Nevertheless, their music has persisted, embraced by the very culture that birthed it. “Bodies” remains an enduring anthem, not just for Drowning Pool but for metal culture as a whole. Its legacy lives on, inspiring new generations of fans. Guitarist C.J. Pierce captures the essence of their dedication: “I’d play ‘Bodies’ five times a night if people really wanted it that bad!” The song’s timeless appeal transcends generations, resonating with both the seasoned and the fresh-faced.

Drowning Pool’s return is a testament to the enduring power of their music, a reminder that their unapologetic spirit continues to strike chords with audiences worldwide. The stage is set for a triumphant resurgence, and Drowning Pool is poised to reignite the fires of their unmistakable sound.

Above Snakes
After years spent grinding playing for egotistical assholes in Los Angeles, Vocalist Johnny Skulls and Guitarist Dax Dabs opened their eyes and realized what so many never do, ”why the f*ck are we trying to do it THEIR way?” At that moment, what once felt so distorted and lacking in its luster was now crystal clear. No more bending to the will of gatekeepers or erecting false idols from a far too distant past. And with nothing but the open road and their own volition staring back at them, the two joined forces after years of friendship and returned to where it all started.


In 2019, the duo found their way back home to Boston and began working relentlessly on a new project: Above Snakes. They would soon partner with producer Kile Odell (Fozzy, Through Fire, Awake At Last) and in the summer of 2020, the band released their debut single “Adrenaline”, which quickly earned Spotify placements from the likes of Loudwire and Hopeless Records. “Adrenaline” was soon followed by their next single “Never Alone” and a massive placement on the “Rock Hard” Spotify playlist. The spirit of collaboration and artisanship would not be limited to their work in the studio, however. Frontman Johnny Skulls has remained hard at work on developing his own clothing line and continues to play an often unseen hand in many of the band’s videos. “I love building and working with my hands. I actually create and build all the sets for our music videos.”


In 2021, Above Snakes built upon the unwavering sense of rebellious authenticity that has guided the band from day one. Releasing 2 New singles "I Feel Bad" and "Nothing To Lose", while wrapping up the year with their live debut opening for Dropout Kings.


2022 brought on an even bigger year for Above Snakes, landing a Full US Tour with From Ashes To New, Fire From The Gods, Blindchannel & Kingdom Collapse in March to support the release of a new single "The Broken Ones".  in June of that year Above Snakes dropped another new single "Living The Nightmare" and hit the road with RA, Stitched Up Heart & September Mourning, and quickly after Joined the TKO Booking Roster, signing with Andrew Goodfriend. 


On October 6th 2022, Above Snakes latest single "Down" premiered exclusively to the world on Sirius XM Octane's Test Drive, and quickly got added to rotation. "Down" also saw support from Pandoras Decibel, and Apple Music's Breaking Hard Rock.  To support this new release Above Snakes hit the road with Texas Hippie Coalition.


"81 (Thallium)" the follow up to "Down" premiered again with Sirius XM Octane, and peaked at #52 on Billboards mainstream rock chat. Following that release, Above Snakes hit the road with Adelitas Way, Otherwise & Moon Fever along with opening for Drowning Pool & Nonpoint on select dates.

On July 20th, new single "Crash N Burn" exclusively premiered with SIRIUS XM Octane, and featured a fan shot music video from the Adelitas Way tour which generated over 20,000 views the first week!
 The track saw big support from Apple Music & Pandora.

Above Snakes hit the road again in August to support internationally acclaimed "Voice Of Baceprot" from Indonesia playing some classic venues such as The Gramercy Theatre in New York City and The Shelter in Detroit.

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